Sunday, May 4, 2009

This is an inside view of the front window after rebuilding the Class C motor home. The inside will be painted, but we will wait till after a few thunderstorms to make sure the seals are good on all of the seams. The unpainted wood will quickly show water leaking, while painted wood would prevent the water from seeping to the inside and would just trap it between the fiberglass and the inside paint.

As a matter of fact after the first rain, we realize the the glass itself needs to be removed from the aluminum frame and resealed. While cleaning this window my wife had a pretty strong allergic reaction to the sealant that was used before. So we are going to use a different sealant to seal the glass to the aluminum frame. After considerable research, we're going to go with Sikaflex 221. This is a polyurethane elastic adhesive. It has a very strong bond and remains very flexible.