Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally after a month and a half, we have finished rebuilding the inside of the motorhome. All of the front cab-over has been rebuilt. The trim molding has been installed and caulked. Unlike the previous owners, the caulk on the inside is just for painting purposes not to "keep water out" :)

Our initial inspection also had revealed a leaking water pump. The carpet was totally soaked with water so instead of merely trying to dry it out, we chose to rip the carpet up and replace with vinyl tile. After removing all of the screws on the bed, it was necessary to pry the plywood off one side of the frame. Once the plywood is removed, you can finally remove the screws holding the frame down to the floor. Remove the carpet. Install the vinyl floor. Replace the pump. Here the bed is in the process of being reassembled.