Camping Chuck Box


A chuck box is normally designed to house all of your kitchen supplies necessary for cooking during a campout.  It is NOT designed/intended to hold food items.

Ideally the chuck box can be stored fully loaded and when it is time to go camping, load the box on the vehicle or trailer and go.  The box should also serve as a counter top and cooking surface.

The chuck box we designed has all of the major structure members joined by rabbits or dados.  Hardwood plywood (1/2") is used for all of the structure members.  Our box fully loaded, weighs 140 lbs.  To save weight,

the back panel can be 1/4" plywood with NO dados or rabbits on the 1/4" ply.  This would save about 5 lbs - 10 lbs of weight. We did use 1/2" for the back.  The width (long measurement) of the box can also be shortened to the appropriate size for your stove.  Our propane stove is larger than average.  It is a Stansport 2 burner Outfitter series with 2 x 25,000 BTU burners. It will put out some heat!